Doro Sensen


There's not so much to tell about me: I'm a librarian, age 46 this year, and live in Bochum/Germany. Here in Bochum is also my working place, the Institute of Development Research and Development Policy of the Ruhr University Bochum, where I maintain the institute's library. I've also made the institute's web pages, have a look at them!

I "live together" with three canaries, at present Tweetje, Dixie and Ruby, and two guinea pigs, Frieda and Dotty. The "sparrows", as I call them, fly freely around (except Tweetje who's got cataracts), and the cavies have some space to run around in the living-room. They get along very well with each other; fortunately you can keep canaries and guinea pigs very well together since both of them are peaceful animals who prefer to flee from rather than attack other animals. I have a lot of fun with my pets when I am at home!

Another very big hobby of mine is making graphics with Paint Shop Pro (version 7 at present). I'm a member of the Paint Shop Pro Users Group which helped me a lot with learning PSP when I began! Meanwhile I'm writing tutorials for their Self-Learning Programme, and translating their tutorials into my mother tongue, the German language.

In my leisure time, I read a lot – of course, as a librarian :-)) – and I like to try out and learn something new at the computer. At present I'm attending a Java lecture at our university (the second part of the course, from mid-April to mid-July this year); it's difficult, and I have to learn a lot and try hard to deliver my assignments – but then, when [if! ;-)] a programme finally works it's fun! :-))

I think that's enough about me now – I hope you enjoy my pages!



Last update: 26 May 2002